Season 2018/19

Winter 2019

Dear Friends, Happy New Year!

We hope that you have had a wonderful holiday time with family and friends. We in VivazzA have had a lovely busy time with our concerts in November and preparation for the upcoming projects in the first half of this year. Here are some pictures of our Rheinblick Program in November with the Kölner Film Club e.V. in the Melanchton Church in Cologne Zollstock:


VivazzA-Bruch-Septett-copyright-Nada-Males.jpg VivazzA-Kauffmann-Quintett-copyright-Nada-Males.jpg
Max Bruch Septett copyright Nada Malés Kauffmann Quintett copyright Nada Malés
Onslow Nonett copyright Nada Malés  

We had such a wonderful time performing this program and seeing our friends afterwards at our reception!

Here are some soundclips of the Rheinblick program


January 25th , 8pm
Institut Francais, Cologne
Our concert in celebration of Jacques Offenbach ́s 100th birthday at the Institut Francais in Cologne is fast approaching. This delightful program includes the Nonet of Louisa Farrenc, the first women to become professor at the Paris Conservatory, a chamber music version of the Piano Concerto Nr.2 from Frederic Chopin with the brillant pianist, Carmen Stefanescu as our solist as well as colorful scenes from Offenbachs most famous opera „Tales of Hoffmann“ with the soprano, Yvonne Prentki as well as the mezzo-soprano,Maria Mariuca Popa. Tickets are 15€ and can be reserved through our website at as well as the Institut francais

Of course, „friends“ of our Verein, VivazzA e.V. (people who give donations to our Verein) can reserve tickets at the reduced price of 12€. For more information of how you can become a friend and donate to our Verein, please click on our SUPPORT page. Also, please tell your friends about this concert so that many more people have a chance to attend this extraordinary program.
We look forward to seeing you at this wonderful concert!

Your, VivazzA

Concert Season 2018-2019

Dear Friends,
It ́s been a long and eventful summer with much planning for our exciting 2018-2019 concert season! Here is a quick overview of our main projects:


September 2018

To begin our season, we performed in the 5th annual Zollstocker Kulturwochende on the 29th of September at the Saint Nicolas Grundschule, the lovely children´s program“Die Prinzessin und die verschwundenen Schachfiguren“ about a princess who loves to play chess and her adventures in a magical garden.

To be as inclusive as possible, the concert was free and open to the public.

Here are some pictures of the day:

Aktuelles-09-2018-Ela.jpg Aktuelles-09-2018-Liz-and-Hanna.jpg

November 2018

In November, we are pleased to continue our collaboration with the Club Kölner Filmer e.V. in our program „Rheinblick“; a program with composers for whom Rhineland, especially Cologne was especially meaningful place in their career. The program includes a original „kölsche Jung“ Max Bruch, as well as the cologne music conservatory student, Leo Justinus Kauffmann, whose music was deemed extravagant and decadent and so was forbidden in the Nazi Regime and is rounded off with the symphonic tones of the „french Beethoven“, George Onslow whose symphonies were performed in Aachen and Cologne in the Niederrheinisches Musikfest (of which Mendelsohn-Bartholdy was the music director, among others)

„Rheinblick“ will not only be performed in Schloss Eulenbroich on the 14th of November but also in a organized concert of our Verein VivazzA eV. on the 9th of November in the Melanchthonkirche in Zollstock. Tickets (12€/8€)are available now under our!


January 2019

VivazzA is extremely proud to have been invited to take part in the Institut Francais concert series „Offenbach Jahr“ to celebrate the Cologne born, parisian composer ́s 100th birthday. Our performance on the 25th of January will include the Nonet of Louisa Farrenc, the first woman composer who was a professor in the Paris Conservatory as well as Offenbach greatest hits!


from February 2019

VivazzA is starting a concert series with the women ́s society, Kom!ma e.V. in the Bürgerhaus im Salzmannbau in Düsseldorf. Each of these one hour concerts will showcase a particular aspect of our ensemble (either winds, or strings, or mixed ensemble with harp) and have an emphasis on women in music.


March 2019

3rd annual chamber music course for amateur winds and strings in Hürth. This course has now become a mainstay in VivazzAs programming. We are so eager to see our returning musicians as well as meet new ones and learn exciting and unusual chamber works!


Spring 2019

„Erdnüsschen“ Premiere
The dutch composer, Monique Krüs, has graciously given us permission to be the first chamber ensemble (after the Rotterdam Philharmonic!) to premiere her children ́s program Erdnüsschen in Germany. The storyline is about a zoo full of lazy animals that the mayor wants to close because no one wants to go see them anymore. Can the children save the zoo? Stay tuned! First performances will be in Düsseldorf, Cologne and Hürth

Keep checking our website for regular updates about these and other concerts- We look forward to seeing you at our concerts soon!

Your, VivazzA